Burn as One

Smoking has been used in art long before big tobacco, and well before
the anti-smoking movement. In the modern era, the cigarette has come to
symbolize sex and the cigar machismo. Holmes brought pipe smoking to the
intellect and the hookah will forever symbolize the exotic. It's no
coincidence that one rebel after another has had smoking attached to
their image. Non-smokers often use it in their art (no matter whether
models, photographers or painters). The symbolism carried in smoke
simply has no easy replacement. Whether you're FOR smoking or AGAINST
it, this is a space for smoking in the arts.

Dave Navarro

Sarah-Michelle Gellar

Audrey Hepburn

Another Smoking Glove re-edit by ~GerryPelser

The Skrillex! Dubstep’s errant prince. Amazing capture!

:: highway by hakueizm

bark and run. by *ankooru
Outspoken. Smoker. Sound body rocker. Your best fucking choice.

come back baby by JackyRoyalTS

with love. by =ankooru

“KARA KALEM SILA II” by mehmeturgut [CC BY-NC-ND]

One rainy day by ~MadisonStar

morning smoke.. by ~zzepe
Zane Pride’s art, portraits and photography all have the texture of a memory… the afterglow of a sun that has already set. This is one of the permanently featured pieces on Burn as One dot Org, and it will remain there until the site no longer stands.

Dsc06416-bw by NickSachos