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About Burn as One: Welcome to Burn as One, the sister-site to deviantART’s first and largest pro-smoking group of artists: #The-Art-of-Smoking

Here on Burn as One, most art is chosen by either LiLiYi or Kantiki, and curated using Tumblr’s tag system, and with quite a few reblogs from other Tumblrs from all around the world.

Simply put, my intent is to highlight artists who use imagery of smoking in their art. While most of that is photography, I’m out to support musicians, comedians, writers, and more. The art community is a place where anyone using smoking in their art has come under heavy fire.

I first started this site out of anger. I was outraged that cloves had been made illegal, despite the fact that less than 6% of high school smokers were smoking cloves. Then, a year later, I found out that the ban had slowly built a black market that had killed the minimum age on smoking. I’ve gotta admit… my anger’s abated quite a bit since then. Nowadays, this site’s almost 100% about featuring other artists and networking the community.

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The Point of Contention: Let me jump right into this one, because I think I found the hinge where non-smokers and smokers have come to disagreement… and it lies with death, itself. It’s in all the anti-smoking propaganda, the basis of it being the message: “Smoking Kills”. But that’s pretty much a fact these days. Anyone who thinks something called a “cancer stick” is a good source of vitamins and minerals needs to have their head examined. But those behind the anti-smoking movement seem to be dumbfounded that people are still smoking. Smokers know it kills. In fact, studies show that smokers overstate the risks to themselves [ref. PDF]. Death is the hinge… at least if I’m right.

Smokers love the image of death! We embrace it. Embracing death makes life more “full”. We are re-appropriating the quantity of our life — our longevity — to increase its quality. It’s a choice… and we’ve made it. I think it is that sacrifice… . the severing of years and years of life from the end of it to increase the quality of our current life… that causes nonsmokers to recoil. They approach death in a different way. Maybe they live in some neurotic fantasy where they’ll never die… maybe… and, if so, the thought of sacrificing any life at all would be anathema to them.

So there’s my theory. I keep on coming across anti-smoking propaganda that uses images of death, and my immediate reaction is “that’s awesome!” . ..only to find out that it was intended to be a bad thing. Whoops! Well… win for everyone… I guess. Now, if only there wasn’t a war to fight over all these insane laws.

As long as there’s a war to fight… as long as the anti-smoking movement is still destroying art and even trying to re-write history… I’ll help promote those who fight back. This has gone too far.

Much love,
~Kantiki Jayamana Whateva,
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