About The Art of Smoking

#The-Art-of-Smoking is the first and largest pro-smoking group of artists on deviantART. Since the dA still holds the crown as the largest online community of visual artists, that’s saying quite a lot!

The Art and Beauty of Smoking. Smoking has been used in art long before big tobacco, and well before the anti-smoking movement. In the modern era, the cigarette has come to symbolize sex and the cigar machismo. Holmes brought pipe smoking to the intellect and the hookah will forever symbolize the exotic. It’s no coincidence that one rebel after another has had smoking attached to their image. Non-smokers often use it in their art (no matter whether models, photographers or painters). The symbolism carried in smoke simply has no easy replacement. Whether you’re FOR smoking or AGAINST it, this is a space for smoking in the arts.

Burn as One started started #The-Art-of-Smoking, and acts as the sister-site for the group. Famous contributors from #TAOS (aka, “Leaders of the Pack”), such as Slawa, PhenomDesire, and the Dragon of Lust—to name only a few—are all represented here alongside other artists.

As deviantART implemented a share-to-Tumblr feature, many other artists from the #TAOS galleries are represented here also, alongside shares from Flickr and reblogs from Tumblr.

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